We enable the Green Shift
Shipping and Energy.

KONGSTEIN combines Norwegian innovative culture and marine competence with the German focus on details and efficiency. It provides quality services with smart and innovative solutions.
Linking and combining our diversified experience and expertise together ensures optimal solutions and project execution.

Marine Engineering

Innovative Solutions
With decades of experience within the Norwegian West Coast Engineering community our engineers have participated and contributed to breakthrough ideas for renewables and marine applications.

Project & Risk Management

Reliable Asset Management
Our project management capabilities have been applied in various contexts and stages of large-scale projects such as early stage tender management for shipyards and renewables developers.

Marine Operations

Sustainable Projects
We supply highly qualified Norwegian, German and Canadian master mariners / DP2 operators with all required credentials to support offshore operations in Renewables.



Meet Us

@ Wind & Maritim conference in Rostock on May 8th and 9th, 2019 @ Offshore Wind Conference in Copenhagen on Nov 26th – 28th, 2019


HyWind Scotland

With associated partners marine operations for the tow-out of 5 6 MW Siemens Gamesa WTG´s were prepared in the project office in Stord, Norway.


Nordsee One

Eventually, all 54 WTG have been installed successfully. We have supported our Client throughout the last year with marine engineering and logistics planning services.