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Our CEO Torgeir Nærø‘s shares his thoughts about the company culture

KONGSTEIN is a fast-growing consultancy and is continuously offering roles within the various office locations.

When you join our multicultural team, you get the chance to contribute to the green transition while gaining experience and growing within the company.

At KONGSTEIN, we take pride in our versatile team and cohesive network across our offices in Bergen, Oslo, Hamburg, Haarlem, Esbjerg and Sydney. Simply because we have a dedicated team of experts who are taking part in making a difference. The team strives to stay positive, courteous and supportive even under pressure.

When you join the team, you will be met with respect as an individual and a colleague, regardless of gender, orientation or nationality, as the same time you are encouraged to take initiatives and contribute to the growth of the team and company.


Transport & installation specialist

Bergen/Oslo, Norway

Young Talent

Are you a student looking for an internship or an early career start in one of the hottest industries in our present times?

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What does the team
say about KONGSTEIN?


A consultancy with a high impact on the offshore wind industry.

KONGSTEIN is a fast-growing consultancy that offers the opportunity to work on exciting and big-scale projects. There is a high impact on the offshore wind industry, in addition to great opportunities to learn and grow in your career. The company offers the flexibility to work in any of its offices, as well as take part in conferences and presentations of topics and concepts that the company is expert in.


VP Business Development


A great environment for career growth.

When it comes to the renewables industries, marketing is a support unit to the business and projects. That did not limit my career growth and exploring new opportunities within the company. Any improvement is fully supported and encouraged. In addition to that, everyone in the team gets the chance to work on big-scale projects and meet remarkable clients along the career path.


Marketing Manager

A diverse team with a shared enthusiasm for renewables.

Aiming to work at an innovative company that actively facilitates the green energy transition, my interests in renewables and floating wind led me join to KONGSTEIN. Since then, I have had the privilege to work with a diverse and enthusiastic team on a wide range of projects, providing me with an enriching and broad professional experience, constantly exposing me to new insights and perspectives of partners from all corners of the industry and academia.


Project Engineer

Our Company Values

Lead by example.

Value your team;
support your colleagues.

Promote improvement through positive feedback.

Lead by example.

Value your team;
support your colleagues.

Promote improvement
through positive feedback.