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What we do. Whether you are just beginning to explore the market, or whether you are in further advanced stages of product or service development, KONGSTEIN will be your partner throughout your business development journey. We support you with: 

  • Detailed and tailor-made market analyses for the offshore wind, maritime and hydrogen industries, 
  • Market entry strategies, initial product development support and potential market mapping, 
  • Project management through to market readiness,  
  • Supply chain reports and industry key-player insights.

How we do it. Our maritime and offshore renewable specialists hold extensive experience in their respective industries and work with our clients one-on-one to develop their plans for entering the maritime green or offshore wind industries. KONGSTEIN has supported clients on a purely market analysis report basis, as well as been integrated into internal teams for the duration of the development. We work with you to explore your opportunities. 

Selected Projects

Photo © Wallaby Boats GmbH

Market Analysis Report – Offshore Wind and Offshore Service Vessels

Client: Wallaby Boats GmbH 

Wallaby Boats entered the market to build suspension catamaran  boats for the offshore wind industry and contracted KONGSTEIN with composing a Market Analysis Report focused on the offshore wind market, as well as Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) and Service Operation Vessel’s (SOVs) Daughter Craft markets. The report will be given to potential investors to provide an overview understanding of both the existing and future market growth expected for the Wallaby Boats’ vessels. 

Photo © Nicholas Doherty

Product Development and Market Entry Strategy

Client: Anonymous 

The client is an experienced, Norwegian engineering company with core capabilities in automation and industrial engineering. KONGSTEIN engineers and project managers support the client through a Framework Agreement to develop a digital solution for the wind market, including project management, market insights and industry introductions 

Market Overview – Offshore WTG Transport and Installation Logistics Report

Client: Meventus AS 

Meventus consults a wind turbine OEM for onshore wind projects and contracted KONGSTEIN to provide their client with offshore wind industry insights, as the WTG OEM is considering entering the European offshore wind market. The extensive report conveyed details on offshore wind project management, contracting strategies, operations and maintenance (O&M) scope descriptions, as well as WTG installation vessel requirements and evaluations. 


For additional reference projects or for further detail, contact us below. 

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Sabine Weth

Country Manager Norway
Sabine specializes in building and leading offshore operations teams, pursuing a holistic approach to O&M. Her background includes positions as Senior Commercial Asset Manager, Head of Operations for Offshore Wind and Operations & Maintenance Package Manager.

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