KONGSTEIN partners with Pinovo to support the adoption of Clean Blasting in offshore wind installation infrastructure

(Bergen, Norway) Energy market expert adviser KONGSTEIN AS partners with the innovative and patented technology provider Pinovo in the aim to reduce micro plastics and other ocean pollution from offshore wind installation maintenance and repair processes by promoting the spread of Clean Blasting of the offshore wind infrastructure.

The partnership paves the way to the next level of environmental standards in the offshore wind industry and further emphasizes the proactive role of both companies in enabling the green shift. The technology is enabling dust-free abrasive vacuum blasting that is cost-effective, delivers superior surface quality, produces zero emissions and removes waste through its vacuuming function.

“Paint protects steel structures from corrosion. When performing maintenance on these structures, old paint and rust is removed, and new paint is applied.  With the use of traditional methods for maintenance, the removed paint is normally emitted to the oceans. Paint is plastic. The removed, tiny paint particles are microplastics. With that technology we are immensely contributing to the reducing waste and ocean pollution”, states Pinovo’s chairman of the board Declan McAdams.

“We are proud to having signed a partnership agreement together with Pinovo. This partnership will strengthen KONGSTEIN’s position in our commitment and dedication to the green shift. Moreover, clean blasting will in the future greatly benefit our clients and their ambitions into a green transition”, adds KONGSTEIN’s CEO Torgeir Nærø.