KONGSTEIN and Inter Marine take the next step and launch Polish “Inter Marine Offshore Hydrogen” company

(Bergen/Gdynia) Norwegian technical advisory for Offshore Renewable Infrastructure projects, KONGSTEIN AS, and Polish provider of offshore services, Inter Marine Sp. z o.o., commonly founded “Inter Marine Offshore Hydrogen Sp. z o.o.”.

The company is headquartered in Gdynia with the objective to promote and support innovative offshore renewable infrastructure projects, including maritime hydrogen production and storage/offloading applications integrated with offshore wind farms; platform construction; and all related maritime offshore logistics for a growing Polish market.

Inter Marine has many years of experience and excellent reputation on the Polish marine industry market. KONGSTEIN brings its wealth of experience from the offshore renewable industry in Norway, Germany and other European countries.

CEO of KONGSTEIN AS, Torgeir Nærø: “We are proud to invest into and share our learnings with the Polish renewable industry. The knowledge transfer has worked brilliantly between the two countries in the shipping and Oil & Gas industry.”

President of Inter Marine Group Slawomir Kalicki: “With over 30 years of experience in various areas of the maritime industry we are delighted to start a co-owned Polish company with KONGSTEIN to develop Inter Marine’s knowledge and market position in the emerging Polish offshore wind sector. Bringing KONGSTEIN’s knowledge and experience to the local market will be beneficial to the entire Polish wind offshore and hydrogen market.”


KONGSTEIN enables the green shift in the energy industry by supporting clients striving towards a sustainable use of resources. It provides technical advisory and project management to deliver innovative, efficient solutions to the offshore renewables and maritime industries. KONGSTEIN combines its expertise in these industries with providing state of the art services in green hydrogen. The common thread throughout our markets and clients is our clear commitment to clean energy at sea, facilitated by our network of Norwegian and German engineers and mariners.