Manage your Assets and Risks Intelligently

Asset and Risk Management

What we do. Our consultants provide our clients with comprehensive technical and commercial asset management, including advanced risk quantification Each project realizes the optimal techno-economic solution for the client’s specific needs. Latest developments on the market as well as the strategic framework of the client are considered. Our asset management and operations services include: 

  • O&M strategies and concepts,  
  • OPEX modelling, 
  • Risk quantification, 
  • Marine operations including our crew of qualified IJU Captains, Master Mariners and DP2 operators, 
  • Ship management services for specialized vessels.

How we do it. Our asset management and operations colleagues hold extensive experience within the industry and support client projects from O&M strategy development through to decommissioning. We use our risk quantification tool FRANK to deliver comprehensive financial modelling, thereby seeking to improve the basis for our client’s decision making. 

Selected Project

Photo © Nordsee One GmbH

Nordsee One Offshore Wind Farm

Client: SENVION 

The client engaged KMP during the installation campaign for the Nordsee One offshore wind farm. The scope of work included employer’s vessel representation onboard the MPI Enterprise, technical lead for root cause analysis, 24/7 OSV management onsite including crew change management, technician transfer management and inspection and registry of vessels, as well as technical management for unexpected campaigns 

For additional reference projects or for further detail, contact us below. 

Your contact:

Sabine Weth

Country Manager Norway

Sabine specializes in building and leading offshore operations teams, pursuing a holistic approach to O&M. Her background includes positions as Senior Commercial Asset Manager, Head of Operations for Offshore Wind and Operations & Maintenance Package Manager.

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